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Give depth to your training

The insipid blue of chlorine water as well as their paving have this extraordinary talent to make us dream sooner or later about faraway travels.

The lines plunging in the abyssal blues are at hand as well. Individuals, as well as clubs, can reach twelve months a years established freediving centers, offering depth sessions, self monitored with your buddies or instructors, or coached, in a safe environment (buoys, bottom weights and plates, lanyards, counterbalast and oxygen for the deepest dives).

It’s even better if you train improve and discover your unsuspected potential to do it with a master of the discipline. Good news, many of them dedicate some of their time to help you through a seminar, a cruise or a training camp…The greatest champions regularly propose to assist you in your progress and this is not exclusive to the most experts of you! You will meet them between their competitions and their training sessions, available, and eager to share their approach of our common passion.

You will therefore be able to train with the best freedivers around the world, such as Umberto Pelizzari, Sarah Campbell, Christian Maldamé, William Trubridge or Alexei Molchanov.

The dates, the pre requisite, the sites and the programs are updated according to their availabilities and projects, get in touch with us to know the upcoming events.

Our offers


Special offer for clubs, partnership with Apnea Canarias

  Your training week in Tenerife from 890€ (base 8 divers in autonomy) Price includes : * Swimming pool perfectly designed for DYN and STA and full cardio training facilities available at the hotel. ** The club facilities, buoys, lines and weights will be at your disposal. All the complementary options are available (specific gear, […]

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