Our Vision

« I wish I could go back training in the Red Sea, but with the kids, you know, it makes things too difficult ». I had the idea of creating Apnée Evasion the day my best friend said that to me. Merge my two passions so to tie my experience of travelling to my knowledge of the freediving world: That was the proper way to meet all the requirements of the freedivers.

Our Offer

The strength of the concept lies in its “tailor made” side. Your projects are personal and unique, your availabilities and your budget as well. Our ability to understand your needs and the variety of our products and services enable us to consider any type of trip with the greatest flexibility:

  • Club group travelling
  • Training trips with coach or champion freedivers
  • Family trips
  • Theme trips such as freediving/yoga, freediving/music, freediving/culture, freediving/ethnology, everything is possible
  • Honeymoons
  • Combined trips freediving/nature with animal interaction underwater or on land
  • Spearfishing trips

All these products and services can be mixed and are by no means exhaustive

For a professional answer, a professional partner was needed, able to secure the logistics and to process the files with efficiency: Apnée Evasion chose Parnassud Voyages, a member of the biggest French travel agency network, Selectour Afat.


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