Le mythique Blue hole de Dahab, au milieu du platier de Corail – Crédit photo © Jérôme Vigoureux-Peltier – Underwaterfly freediving academy

Our partners worldwide

Apnea Canarias

Founded by Spanish champion Miguel Lozano and his partner Santiago Jakas, this freediving center will welcome you in Tenerife, for shore diving, without current, without depth limitation by the bottom. The visibility is great all year round and the amazing summer water temperature remains mild in winter….The island has got all what it takes to surprise and seduce you: A 4000 meter high volcano with incredible landscapes, a primal coastal forest, authentic tapas, amazing seafood: You are still in Europe on the paper, but it’s a subtropical, wild, unexpected, Mediterranean Europe.

Extreme Bluewater Freediving

Located in Zanzibar in front of Tanzania, it is a fantastic base to discover the region. The island is mythical, between Stonetown and the dream beaches. The East African game reserves are at hand, and you will enjoy a completely preserved marine environment. We work as well with Erick Allard, renowned specialist of engaged breathold fishing. Extreme blue water spearfishing is your key to action, mythical fish and eco responsibility, from north to south of the Mozambique channel.

Blue Immersion

Established by Akim Adhari, it rapidly became the freediving center of reference on the Thai island of Koh Tao. Known as the pearl of the Koh Samui islands for its underwater world, champions such as Johnny Sunnex or Jeannine Grassmeyer blew their first bubbles there. Blue Immersion is now part of the Blue Immersion International Group. Idealy located and equipped, you will be in the perfect conditions for freediving while staying in the heart of the island.

Freedive Dahab

This name is tightly connected to the development of modern freediving for everyone…No need to introduce them: Linda Paganelli and Lotta Erikson, the founders, are pioneers of teaching and high profile freedivers. They are behind Dahab’s fame to a large extend. Freedive Dahab is nowadays an institution, and the quality of its services and certifications unanimously recognized. So is its famous competition, the Triple Depth, set up on a yearly basis in the Blue Hole.
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