Lili’s pictures

An internet site is a set of information and links, a text meant to be pleasant, but first and foremost numerous pictures. They are meant to trigger the visualization of the site’s proposal, and to give the visitor a positive feeling…

I took advantage of the numeric camera revolution to pile « homemade » pictures. While some of them are nice enough to depict Apnée Evasion’s universe, I nonetheless wanted to pay tribute with this post to a photographer that nicely authorized me to use some of her beautiful pictures on this site, the talentuous Aurélie Cottier.

Feeling equally at home in the air or underwater, gifted photograph in both environments, yoga, freediving and scubadiving instructor, paraglide pilot… she knows how to capture these instants that are the essence of our passion.
I invite you to discover her creations on her blog www.3elementsphoto.com . Don’t hesitate to get in touch with her for all your picture projects; she will know how to give them a new dimension!