Our partners in Italy

Y-40®, is nothing less than the deepest pool in the world. The water is warm (33 degrees), soft and perfectly mineralized. Your training, your lesson, becomes a genuine spa treatment.

The 40 meters of the well are ideal to work on the compensation with lungs below their residual volume. You will get familiar with the depth in the best possible conditions, comfortable and secure: improvement and pleasure guaranteed.

Throughout your stay, you will be housed on the spot in the four star Hotel Terme Millepini: cozy rooms, Italian gastronomy and a complete range of spa therapy upon request.

Located in Montegrotto Terme, Y-40® The Deep Joy is one step away from Venice and its region. The Serenissima, track skiing on the Asiago altiplano, Amarone or grappa on the old Bassano bridge, Padova, Marostica…let’s go there!

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