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Get Certified

Freediving probably dates back to the early ages of mankind. As a matter of fact, breath hold diving lays deep in our genes, though we don’t know a lot about it…The best way to discover this fantastic activity is to learn it. To be trained properly means to improve faster, to freedive safely, and on top of it, with pleasure and confidence. Courses, certifying agencies, spots and instructors…Come along; Apnée Evasion will guide you through!

Train and improve

That’s it, you’re hooked…and you wish to carry on training in depth! May it be a few hours away or on the other side of the world, whether you wish to be coached by one of the greatest champions or to train with your fellow club members and instructors, we are in touch with all the relevant professionals to answer your expectations.

Discoveries and adventures

Freedive in the most unique places, whether polar or tropical, discover the most mythical or unexpected seascapes, swim with dolphins, whales or sharks, mix your passion for freediving and your thirst for travelling, adventures or culture, our goal is to make your dreams come true.

Chill Out

Freediving means relaxation, no stress, jump into another world…Well, only if you can enjoy it with a peaceful mind! Family, kids, relatives or friends keen on other activities, it is not always that easy. We propose adapted packages to these specific situations, kids clubs, side activities, enjoy your passion with serenity.

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