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The three key words for freediving are SAFETY, PLEASURE and EFFICIENCY.

Throughout the last 25 years, the increase of the depths reached by the freediving pioneers, as well as the ever booming number of enthusiasts, may they be freedivers, spearfishers or finswimmers, has induced the gathering of a huge quantity of physiological, technical and environmental data.

This knowledge has been compiled and organized, so that adapted and progressive courses could be set up.

It is therefore nowadays possible and strongly advised to learn freediving through a professional structure ; it is the best guarantee for pleasurable and swift improvements in a safe environment.

The training freediving trip is possible all year round, in the whole world, and basically in every sea! We have privileged partners but we will work according to your needs with all the existing providers, feel free to contact us!

Training agencies

  • AIDA

    (Association Internationale pour le Développement de l’Apnée): The first federation that structured freediving. Created by and for freedivers in 1992 (Claude Chapuis, Roland Specker) it was the first one to set up competitions and enhance the freediving proficiency in depth disciplines. Its courses always have been and remain cornerstones.

  • CMAS

    (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques): Established in 1959, it’s the underwater activities historical federation throughout Europe. Mostly active with pool disciplines and non profit associative clubs, it is somehow developing its activities and courses in deep freediving thanks to the enthusiasm of a new generation of officers in charge.

  • SSI

    (Scuba Schools International): One wouldn’t guess from its name, but this commercial structure, launched in 1970 in the United States, has a genuine freediving branch. SSI saw the potential of this activity straight away, and is today the biggest network in terms of freediving professional commercial facilities in the world.

    Pragmatism, efficiency and fun are the key words for SSI, without any breach on the security.

  • Apnea Academy

    Living legend Umberto Pelizzari’s school. « Il Maestro », outstanding teacher, charismatic personality and one of the first to teach modern freediving as a whole.

There are many other certification agencies, that we can’t list extensively here, but it will be a pleasure to share our knowledge and analysis with you upon request.

Our offers


Special offer for clubs, partnership with Apnea Canarias

  Your training week in Tenerife from 890€ (base 8 divers in autonomy) Price includes : * Swimming pool perfectly designed for DYN and STA and full cardio training facilities available at the hotel. ** The club facilities, buoys, lines and weights will be at your disposal. All the complementary options are available (specific gear, […]

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