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Discoveries and adventures

Freediving is often depicted by the media as a beautiful inner journey, but it is also a fantastic way to marvel while discovering the treasures of our Blue Planet. Under the surface, an endless variety of seascapes and sensations are waiting for the freediver.

No need to introduce the fantastic coral reefs of the tropical seas, but what about the surrealist underwater piles of ice boulders of the White Sea, when the light sparsly allowed through the ice pack plays with them?

Closer to most of us, magnificient rock cathedrals are offered by the Mediterranean to whom knows how to find them. Apnée Evasion can also show you the way to fascinating unlikely places, thermal water well, crystal river, hiddent pond….

A world of discoveries indeed, and a populated world. The ocean, like the dry land, has its big five and its ambassadors, whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles or orcas.

It shelters as well less famous species as worth the bliss of an encounter for the freediver : Mola Molas, seals, otters…The absence of bubbles favors in many cases the meetings…

We are visitors in the water and the utmost respect must be given to the biotope and those who dwell in it. Therefore, we only propose interactions in the natural habitat, without artifacts. Specialists and proficient enthusiasts will come along with you, but nature is not a zoo, with all the uncertainty that goes along. The encounter is facilitated, but the sea always decides, one has to know it, so that the experience gets even more exciting, its set up captivating, and the interaction emotional.

One of the other aspects of Apnée Evasion’s concept is to mach the magic of freediving to the discovery of new horizons through travelling. The places that will unveil their secrets under the surface also have multiple interests on the other side of the mirror.
Whether unexpected or world famous, we will give you their keys according to your needs. From a trek in the desert to a game safari, from the Fenice in Venezzia to the Mannekenpis in Brussels…Dreaming about it? We will take you there.

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